James has been a highly successful detective and his agency too is doing well.. At a conference, he is questioned about his success secret

James ‘Am successful as I resolved many tricky cases and even survived various attacks’

James ‘Am successful because I have success stories.. but do you know I am a failure’

Conference Compere Liu ‘Can you tell us about your failure stories’

James ‘Am not married. Have 10 broken relation in span of 15 years.. Am considered arrogant, egoistic and tantrum maker in my girl friends talk.. None liked me for my personal reasons.. All loved me for my profession’

All are silent..

Liu ‘So how you plan to overcome such perceptions?’

James ‘I guess am a workaholic and this is a bad habit.. Just want to change that’

Liu ‘You need a break.. Sir.. all of us love you for contribution to the society’

James smiles and accepts the award through rousing claps

At night

James writes a saying

‘We at times tend to forget our personal lives and begin fusing the professional life with personal.. We assume that professional life gives us huge growth but realize after some years that our contributors for it, our near and dear ones.. they are the one’s who contributed to that growth too through their love, care and affection.. Our perceptions of singular celebration can be moved to community celebration if we learn to award communities too some day. I just shot the only resource who was linked to under world, terrorists and high profile international ambassador Ron.. and reasons for it…

The team wanted to spread communal disharmony in various pockets of world..

Perception – Some say X is the only way of life and masses believe it’

James dozes of in chair…

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