Love demands more Retakes

Actor Jim is madly in love with actress Ria

Jim ‘Director Sam.. only on one condition I will work for this movie’

Sam ‘What is it?’

Jim ‘Actress Ria is my heroine and ensure there are minimum 5 retakes for all love scenes’

Sam ‘This is ridiculous’

Jim ‘It costs you an overhead of only US$100000.. I can compensate for those retakes’

Sam is shocked

Sam ‘What?’

Jim ‘I mean it.. the only reason to be in this movie is to be with her.. She is tough nut to crack. She is single.. So am I, but some how she considers me only as friend.. so I wish to ignite love sparks in her’

Sam ‘Do you feel doing such things will make her happy’

Jim ‘Not sure.. but it is an attempt’

The movie begins… and to Jim’s surprise. for each scene there are 10 retakes. sometimes even more

Sam ‘Jim.. the budget is overshooting.. it was decided for only 5 retakes’

Jim smiles…

Jim ‘you need to bear that cost.. as our movie will surely be a hit’

Sam ‘who took this decision of more 5 retakes’

Ria enters with a smiling face..

Ria ‘Dear Sam.. you are too innocent.. I overheard Jim’s conversation with you and demanded Jim to have 5 more retakes’

Sam ‘Both of you are mad..’

Ria hugs Jim and looks at Sam and says ‘Love demands more retakes..’

Sam ‘What?’

Ria ‘Don’t you keep repeating ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your wife many times’

Sam ‘yes’

Ria ‘Hence the title of the movie will be LOVE DEMANDS RETAKES’

Sam ‘Wow this is a good title.. and I can show to the world how love demands retake and hate doesn’t demand any take’

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