Be on Top of Everything..

Manager Muthu of  Cheese Foundation always has one message to all managers, leaders who coordinate his various charity


His secretary Nancy wonders why he keeps repeating this slogan.

Muthu ‘Many a time human tend to forget things which are not important to them,, There needs to be an auto intelligent tool which ca analyze human lethargy and send an alarm ‘BE ON TOP OF EVERYTHING’

Nancy ‘Wow.. how is it possible?’

Muthu ‘Check on response time in twitter, facebook, whatsup and also own private software.. For example you sent me a Hi and i took 16 minutes to respond ‘yes’.. it doesn’t serve logic..  It should be that after 5 minutes an auto message should be sent by me ‘waited for 5 minutes.. bye.. have a nice day’

Nancy ‘Sir you have a great idea’

Muthu ‘Is it so.. rush and get a software professional and you become an entrepreneur.. I will invest in you for this idea’

Nancy ‘common Sir.. you are kidding’

Muthu ‘Be on top of everything on this venture’

Nancy begins laughing.

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