Some are convinced they are BORN FOOLS and some feel they have been fooled and some feel they can never be fooled..

3 students get into a game which would all about Making fools

Crest ‘This game is for one’s who feel it is first time for them to experience the activity. It could be Love, Entrepreneurship or even Cooking Food for first time’

James ‘We need to have cheat sheet prepared’

Rudy ‘What is it?’

Crest begins laughing ‘Rudy.. did you ever copy in exams?’

Rudy ‘No’

Crest ‘Earlier students were not allowed to copy.. but with modern day technologies; it is fine if a student carries cheat sheet in a few colleges.. or even schools provided cheat sheet doesn’t exceed 1 page’

James ‘It could be sheet containing commands, symbols. reference terms’

Rudy ‘what is the game about?’

James ‘You will need to tell me all the incidents when you got fooled’

Rudy ‘Many times.. by cab drivers when we don’t know the location, sometime my friend too fools me..’

Crest ‘Once you jot down all the points where you got fooled.. let us collect over 1000 samples’

James ‘and then we right a book named FOOLS which includes 1001 remedies to stop being fooled’

Rudy ‘It is a great idea.. will cover everything from pick pocketing to Emotional Atyachar (Emotional Blackmail) to everything..

James ‘So all who felt they are fools or they are fooled.. relax the book is round the corner’

Rudy ‘who will write this book and who will read it?’

James and Crest together echo ‘Some fools will remain fools always’

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