There is a myth that our lives are governed by planets and there are many authors who publish books on Astrology, Synastry, Sun Signs and Moon Signs..

Ravi was an astrologer who could read a chart and analyze future, past and present…

He gets a call from his professor James who’s daughter Jenny is going through a crisis…

Ravi ‘What happened Sir?’

James ‘Jenny is intelligent, smart, happy go lucky but these days she suffers from depression. Want to check her horoscope…’

Ravi ‘Need date , time and place of birth’

2 hours later

Ravi calls James in Skype

Ravi ‘She is running 7.5 saturn and this period will be good for her too after she moves out of depression 3 months down the line.. Some positive person will come in her life’

James ‘what triggered her depression?’

Ravi ‘Saturn transiting 12th, 1st and 2nd house from Moon means 7.5 year Saturn.. Presently her saturn is in 12th house from moon.. so losses and she would have been duped by her boy friend’

James ‘Oh i see’

Ravi ‘Astrology is a science but it depends on whether people need to believe it or not’

James ‘Agreed’

James ‘Do you charge money for predictions?’

Ravi ’10$.. i collect it for my social work initiatives’

James smiles..

James ‘Ravi..  I always wonder do planets really govern us?’

Ravi ‘Again it is a myth.. No one ever saw the unknown.. At least not in this era.. Anyone who does a good deed is like an angel.. So we have more of angels.. The importance of moon in our life is only because it waxes an wanes.. and it is believed human moods swing as per those waxing and waning influence.. Sun is surely powerful but when a cloud comes over it, even Sun’s power to give light is lost’

James ‘thanks Ravi.. hope something positive happens for Jenny’

Ravi ‘Can only pray for all who get into depression.. Art of Living or some meditation programs should also be explored’

Ravi ‘Finally all depressed folks need to understand that the past is gone, it cannot be undone, what is in your hand is present and future.. contribute to world fully with your good acts.. life will be happy again.’

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