Plan B

James ‘Plan A failed. You never really went ahead with the plan’

Lisa ‘Plan B exists’

James ‘In Plan A we were supposed to run away and get married because of opposition of our parents’

Lisa ‘In Plan B, we are supposed to separate and respect our parent’s sentiments’

James ‘It is bad.. you intentionally want to execute Plan B’

Lisa ‘No.. Plan B failed.. because you were deciding on various types of transportation systems in which we should run.. motor bike, helicopter, bus, train, ship and then you realized that you hardly have money for next 2 days to fend us’

James ‘you were supposed to rob some money from your home too’

Lisa ‘How would I know that my mom kept all cash in bank. and I cannot kidnap her too’

James ‘this is bad.. our love story is going for a big toss’

Lisa ‘At least it is not titanic’

James ‘Am crying.. tears coming from my eyes’

Lisa ‘I have plan C’

James ‘What?’

Lisa ‘Don’t run away and declare selves married..  ‘

James ‘Not a bad idea’

Both Lisa and James reach Lisa’s house

Her parents ‘this is bad.. Lisa.. you never informed us.. who is he?’

Lisa ‘my hubby James’

Lisa’s mom Sarah ‘Does he work?’

Lisa ‘He plans to work soon.. ‘

Sarah ‘good going.. who will fend for you both’

Lisa ‘you mom.. you are my nice mom.. please.. please…’

Sarah ‘Ok enough of drama.. welcome our hen pecked son in law to house’

James ‘She stinks of abuses’

Sarah ‘Don’t talk nonsense..  if you have guts fend for both’

James ‘Madam.. I can cook well.. where is the kitchen?’

Sarah ‘good boy… from now onwards please take care of this home.. while I work for both of you’

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