Why Did I not think about it first?

Rose regrets her decision to not start rose nursery even after her father pestered her to do so as he had huge acres of land..

Rose’s friend Claudia takes clue from Rose’s father and starts a nursery..

Rose wishes to be a high profile model and wants to be in hollywood…

A  year earlier

Rose ‘I do want to get the assignment at any cost.. Willing to compromise too’

Agent Rob is silent..

Rob ‘The hollywood producers are tough nut to crack’

Rose ‘Inform them everything available free from my side for this assignment’

Rob calls up production office and informs Rose ‘Good News everything is managed’

Rose meets Producer GoldSmith at his bungalow.. and that night Rose is happy that she is now in path of achievement..

GoldSmith gives her a small role in his new film COMPROMISE..

Rose calls up her friend Claudia and gives her the good news..

Claudia informs her that she has set a good nursery and Rose’s father is guiding her on all the tricks of business’

Rose is happy for Claudia..

2 months later the production is scrapped as GoldSmith runs into finance issues..

Rose is dejected and sad.. but she is now determined to struggle her way in LA..

She gets an offer from India by a producer for an ‘ITEM SONG’…

Rose agrees.. and she visits India..

There she realizes that Casting Couch system exists much more then anticipated.. She is clueless and helpless’

She calls Claudia and shares all her problems..

Claudia ‘return back.. with your father’s help I got into exports.. We are doing well.. you become my partner’

Rose ‘what about my dreams?’

Claudia ‘unrealistic dreams do not take you anywhere unless you are determined and lucky.. here you have everything’

Rose ‘No.. am not interested’


Rose suddenly realizes she is getting a call…

She picks up the call and gets news from her agent Rob

Rob ‘The production is getting revived and you have also got a plum role now as the heroine.. Sir has called you immediately to US’

Rose is delighted

Rose ponders ‘Life is a compromise..  I should have been with Claudia.. but she has challenged my dream so.. let me think at least now and ensure I get plum roles if at i have to sell myself’

Back home Claudia wins the best entrepreneur award and Rose sends her a big congratulation gift..


Following PASSION the right way is good for health.

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