Beyond Sky

One who is determined to reach the sky will always think beyond sky too..

All successful individuals aspire to to do something for society when their heart gets moved by a few happenings just in front of them.

All unsuccessful individuals  love the successful individuals only because they admire the growth the successful person brought around him or her.

Hero worship or Heroine worship exists in many part of South India and it stems from a fact that masses adore their favorite stars so much that they even make temples of them..

What is reaching beyond Sky?

Aloofness, a bored feeling.. If life makes us financially independent too soon in life, what should be the next goal.. Should it be just doing what, which already is done or whether we need to do something meaningful in life.

Contribution to Society is not about only financial help, it could just be bringing smiles on people’s face

Beyond Sky..  the new social entrepreneurship initiative is just planning to bring smiles back to people’s face..

and How?   Show them the star fights above up in the sky.. Show them the meteors crashing down if the star lobbies don’t like them.. Show them the galaxy where some part will be fully empty.. some stars shining all alone.. and then lo and behold.. the individual can visualize self going into galaxy and talking to the star…

A new innovation…   Keep your minds ticking..

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