Best of Lucks to You

Susan ‘You always give me these wishes before I initiate any activity’

Rave ‘I do it because lucks are important for anything’

Susan ‘What if some day luck ceases to exist?’

Rave ‘Hence these wishes always’

Susan ‘Do you know I have a huge loan and am struggling to come of it. You are my good friend hence am sharing this with you today.. Whenever you call, we interact.. but had to inform you today that lucks didn’t work’

Rave ‘Positive wishes if keep getting accumulated can ward of all problems’

Susan ‘You are funny’

2 days later

Susan calls Rave

Susan ‘I landed a plum job in a startup company.. hopefully my problems should end soon. They valued my long forgotten project and are also offering equity’

Rave ‘best of lucks to you’

Susan ‘It seems you are very sure that this wish always comes true’

Rave ‘yes.. ensure anyone around you is wished best of lucks as it will bestow luck on that person ”

Susan ‘I will”

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