Beautiful today Not tomorrow?

Sam ‘You look beautiful today.. Are you sure you will look beautiful tomorrow?’

Aish raises her eyebrow and looks at Sam and yells ‘why you feel I will turn ugly tomorrow?’

Sam ‘I didn’t say so.. every day mirror conveys your story.. I have a camera which captures your photo every day on mirror’

Aish ‘Why?’

Sam ‘Am your secretary.. you rates will go low if you don’t take care of your skin everyday’

Aish ‘Is it so? Am i getting wrinkles?’

Sam ‘Seems so.. hence the cream manufacturers wanting you to endorse on brand’

Aish ‘What if i cannot stop those wrinkles seen through make up?’

Sam ‘your smile dear.. it is ageless.. I can only count on your smile then onward hence I love being your secretary..’

Aish ‘So sweet of you…  Hence I don’t mind seeing you even as you keep getting older’

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