Doing Nothing?

“If someone is not doing anything,  don’t worry.. begin counting all objects around you.. Try to focus on object which is most important to you and soon you will have work”

The students in class were unconvinced with the teacher and demanded explanation

The teacher said ‘Please try this at leisure’

On sunday noon a group of students decided to experiment.

Susan was in garden and she started counting trees, kids, couples and all around. She found an attractive boy flying kites..

She began focusing on him.. Soon he observed she is looking at him with great details..

The boy came and asked Susan to hold the kite threads while he played kites and also asked Susan to check how far the kites can fly.

Bob was in hostel room all alone and soon began counting all objects around him.. He came across a cork ball and got a brainwave to check if it could break the door if hammered continuously. Soon he began playing catching ball from his bed and hitting the doors.. Soon enough cracks emerged in the door. His room mates came in and shrieked

‘Have you gone mad? why you making cracks on doors”

Bob ‘I was only checking cork ball strength

Batch mates ‘Now please repair the doors else we will not pay the fine and will not allow you to be with us”

Next day in class

teacher ‘did anyone attempt’

Bob and Susan raise their hands..

teacher ‘did work come in?’

Both meekly say ‘yes’

teacher smiles and says ‘Idle man in devil’s workshop.. To create constructive work, you need to think constructively else someone else will make you work soon’

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