Prisha has got an interview call from a government office and she is happy that now she will be on stable job..

She arrives to the RAILWAY BOARD INTERVIEW at Mumbai, India and finds over 1000 prospective employees also waiting for the interview for a clerical position.

She immediately skype’s her best friend Richa who is in US and explains the situation.

Richa ‘Do you know what.. everywhere government jobs are viewed as stable ones.. My parents were a bit ambitious so took loan and am in US studying my MS..  Give your interview and hope for the best’

Prisha is sad.. She reluctantly attends the interview for a job which will fetch her US$300 (Rs18000 approx) per month..

Prisha returns home and retrospects

‘Is this the life I wished to lead.. be struggling in some railway counter for rest of my life’

Prisha again skype’s Richa

Prisha ‘Richa.. I feel you were lucky to have parents who valued the overseas studies, but imagine plight of students in US too who are not able to study in reputed schools.. How they manage?’

Richa ‘I am here to study.. so didn’t get into those research dear’

Prisha ‘I plan to identify high volume skilled job requirements and focus on setting up skill development classes’

Richa ‘All the best… ‘

Prisha begins exploring the skill gaps and begins preparing self on few of those skill sets and experiments by providing training to few unskilled individuals in basic accounting’

Prisha identifies companies who need accountants..

Soon enough she is on her own and is making decent profit

Prisha calls Richa ‘Hey.. am making money.. what about you?’

Richa ‘Will be joining MNC.. soon.. ‘

Prisha ‘Will I ever be able to earn like you’

Richa ‘You are creating employment opportunities in India. Am proud of you.. Being different from crowd is more important. What is the use of being employed, having gainful employment or building individual assets if at end of the day, you remain unsure of what you exactly did in this earth to make your parents feel proud of you’

Prisha ‘My parents still adamant for me to take up a job’

Richa ‘2 years down the line they will proud of you’

1 year later

Prisha calls Richa

Prisha ‘Trained over 1000 prospective accountants and placed them.. got best entrepreneur award’

Richa ‘Am proud of you ‘

Prisha ‘Looking at the huge crowd in search of job.. I realized i am different.. I am unique in self.. All are unique.. but many choose to ignore to see their unique talents and go with the crowd.. If we can pause our life and see our natural strengths and talents and focus on same.. All would be successful’

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