Baked rice dish.. and eaten with all types of pickles, spicy curry dishes..

who makes it? Almost all in India

can globally all make it? Of course.. all can..

hey one minute.. All US house wives please do not rush to the kitchen so soon..

AISHU is coming up with her IDLI DREAM VENTURE soon..

She plans to come up with this breakfast dishes in NY and now don’t ask me if she will run her business successfully..

With over 2000 Indians and other Asians moving in and out at heart of NY.. She is confident of an assured 500 sales every day.. 500 x 2$ each = US$1000 per day..

Not bad AISHU… Who says you are an out of work IT professional. your real strength lies in your cooking skillsets

Give IDLI’s to your bosses who gave you pink slip, for all you know they may just give you a contract soon


Dear boy.. don’t over work your mind..  AISHU is your crush and she is a fiction.. Now don’t make her sell IDLI”s all over US.  We have a different image of AISHU.. She is the global new bred profession who feels all folks should know cooking so she is exploring learning IDLI using some video lessons in YOUTUBE

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