Unsure Love

He loves me.. He doesn’t love me

I love you venture.. i guess it is fine if someone takes over

Is she the right person for me?

He is an important person in my life and will always remain so

Why is it so hard to tell him that I love him more then self?

Is the heart beats for him or is it just a normal happening?

Sarah musters courage to go near Jim the CEO of company who is dashing, charming and eligible bachelor. She is the key resource of the venture and has madly fallen in love with Jim

Sarah “Jim.. i wish to say something.. but not sure.. is it something special happening between us?’

Jim ‘yes.. machine learning, analytics, data science’

Sarah’am talking of human emotions… I feel am in love with you’

Jim ‘Am unsure.. many girls have proposed me.. I do enjoy your company.. not sure..’

At night Sarah thinks over her love for him

Sarah ‘Is it for Jim the human or Jim the CEO or Jim the handsome looking guy?’

Sarah smiles at self and says ‘Good girls should keep their search on without getting dragged to one sided love’

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