Honor Killing

Sana has a start up which has conceived an Artificial Intelligent System which provides a dashboard for all goal deviations from the routine for an entrepreneur.. Her life surrounds around the software.. till one day her child hood friend Aman meets her

Aman ‘can you take my inputs and predict?’

Sana ‘Sure’


‘Trained in remote borders of India and Pakistan’

‘Boot Camped since age 7’

‘was part of Kargil War as a spectator’

‘Started a canteen for army folks when I was 18’

‘Now am having a restaurant in Karachi’

Sana ‘Hey.. ever since I left Karachi and settled in UK, lost touch of so many friends’

Aman ‘Sana.. your family was always well settled and you know we were much near to the war camps and as your father developed a sympathy for my family. he helped us get a restaurant’

Sana ‘Why you have come to London?’

Aman ‘Sana.. your parents want you to settle now’

Sana smiles…

Aman ‘Sana .. i believe you are in love with some Andrew.. Don’t  marry him.. else your family plans to disown you’

Sana puts his inputs in her system and pop the results come

‘your goal was to provide food for all army people during war and your personality suggests you can serve people but you have got diverted from your goal over past few years.. wake up’

Aman ‘what does it mean?’

Sana ‘it is right.. the analysis of you has come true in my system.. you have become a messenger for my family and giving emotional threats that my family will disown me..’

Aman shows photographs of honor killing and Sana has shock in her face

Aman ‘do you know even if you have grown up in life.. you need to be in boundaries…Don’t try to marry someone from different community’

Sana is shocked…

Sana ‘why?’

Aman ‘as you should not do anything which will spoil your family reputation’

Sana ponders…

Sana ‘At education, i was at top, in my start up too, had come with unique expert system.. but alas I really don’t know how to solve a society problem to reduce Honor Killing

International Honour Based Violence Resource Centre


  • 5000 honour killings internationally per year.
  • 1000 honour killings occur in India
  • 1000 honour killings occur in Pakistan

Sana ‘I guess I will need to come up with a system to create awareness programs to help families understand finally any two entities above 18 are mature enough to take life decisions

Aman ‘Do you plan to marry Andrew?’

Sana ‘No.. I never would have married him.. my family should trust me.. I will never do anything which will create bad repute to them however i am against any forces which family adopt and even to extent kill their own kids to save family honor’

Aman ‘Whom you plan to marry?’

Sana ‘you.. will you?’

Aman’s face falls..

Aman ‘again there could be oppositions as I come from poor family’

Sana ‘this is what you need to decide.. be bold.. stand up and ask my father to marry me to you’

Aman ‘it is not simple’

Sana ‘what is the use of love which always gets restricted under fear of being killed’

Aman ‘ok Sana.. i have to leave tomorrow.. have to do shopping. take care. ‘

Aman has tears, in his eyes when he walks out

Aman looks upward and says ‘Hope a miracle happens in heart of people’

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