My brand

Each individual has a unique style or mannerism which becomes a style brand at some point of time..

Jerry was a unique creature.. At college his neck would always move automatically when he found girls moving next to him or behind him… Many a time he got knocked down too by some vehicle on road..

Jerry ‘so what.. it is my style.. my brand of admiring girls’

Moses ‘what is it?’

Jerry ‘don’t you keep saying  ‘you idiot; always’

Moses ‘ok.. so it is my style of greeting people’

Ramu ‘In India I wear only Khadi’s.. It is my style as I come from political background’

Lisa ‘this is a group discussion on evolution of brand..  have evolved self as a girl who never wears the same slippers in a month. each day of month, a unique slipper’

Tom ‘My watches change every day..’

Rose ‘is brand so important.. why do people go in for branded items?’

Jerry ‘brand gets built if product or service delivered in consistent way,. quality driven ad proves reliable’

Nancy ‘hey i am a brand in self as a reliable quality driven employee’

Moses ‘and Tom has also built a repute of being issue maker’

Sweta rings the bell and the group discussions end

Sweta ‘All have performed ok.. not too great as per our college standards of group discussions’

All students echo ‘is it so?.. what are our standards? has it been written somewhere? some guidelines?’

Sweta ‘Visit m the college quality management system links for more details’

After Sweta leaves

Nancy ‘we keep looking for external environment inputs to build brand and what about internal customer satisfaction.  screwed up college.. talk big things in press, media and internally they don’t care for students’

Sweta overhears and comes closer to Nancy

Sweta ‘Do you know our college is one of the best and we have a particular style of teaching education’

Moses ‘what is that?’

Swera ‘we don’t prefer teaching anything.. books are there. facilities available.. go read it,. understand it and if you don’t understand then teachers are needed’

Sweta walks off keeping students wide mouthed

Nancy ‘Is it her brand of being outspoken.. She tells it with such great style… no wonder she is the one who is always in multiplex where we too go an watch movies on Saturday.. Education brand of figuring out ourselves.. that too is an innovation

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