Child ‘I will study only if you give chocolate’

Mother ‘Will give you chocolate if you stand 1st in school’

Child laughs

Child ‘what if I don’t come first.. will I not get chocolate from you?’

Mother ‘No’

Child rushes to father ‘can you give me chocolate’

Father ‘only if you polish my shoes’

Child ‘sure I will.. but I will need chocolates for 7 days continuously’

Mother ‘you are spoiling my child’

Child ‘No daddy is saving his 10 minutes.. so am charging too less’

Mother’s eye pops with shock

Father gives 7 Cadbury chocolates to child as child completes his work’

Child turns back to mom

Child ‘Mom.. I learnt negotiation from you’

Father ‘How?’

Child ‘you would ask mom to kiss you and she would ask some gift in return’

Mother blushes red and looks at father

Father  ‘born negotiator. he is so observant’

Mother ‘he is growing up ‘

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