Problem Solver Woes

John “You came out of problem just yesterday

You are back into an issue today

Why does problem follow you?

Why does issue attract you?

A problem solver in you keeps you always surrounded by problems”

Look at Nancy who keeps all issues asides, keeps swimming to heart content

Look at you Rose, so worried, so tensed.. always a wreck.. you look more beautiful then Nancy.. just chill pill

Become a lazy bone for today and take rest.. happy weekend.

Rose ‘John why you wish me to relax?’

John ‘Nancy feels you have become too boring and both of you are my left and right arms without whom I cannot run this Media startup hence’

Rose ‘do you love folks being lazy in your company’

John ‘Media people need to look always fresh’

Rose ‘ok will try’

Rose returns after a while, extremely beautiful and goes for a swim

John ‘Never knew i would get two beautiful women to solve my problem’

A waiter comes in and gives a cold drink to John and asks ‘what is the problem?’

John ‘mind your business’


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