Spirit of Charity

Give a small part of your self to help others.

Give a small part of your feelings to support others

Spirit of Charity is all about our intentions to help and support each other to ensure each person comes up in life or a common cause gets a momentum or a society problem gets addressed.

Importance of blogging media becomes evident because of its ability to reach to masses or like minded individual..

A prose for all

Love and Feelings existed yesterday

Compassion and Fulfillment exists today

A small help to a needy brings joy

A big help to the deserving brings a change

As all deserving people wish to bring change to society

So bravo the ones who give grants for Charity work with open heart and mind.

Corporate Social Responsibility is all about trying to bring change to the world for positive causes and solve deep rooted society problems or health or environment or any kind of global issues which need interventions.

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