Shrieking Loud – PASSION FLOWER


All shriek loudly behind her..

Jane has won the best idea contest

Just a month back Jane was in India trying to understand how could medicines reach to poor’

Jane pondered.. and was visiting villages and in nearly 25 villages, at night a common problem of liquor

Jane got a crazy idea…

‘She began providing grape juices in pouch of Rs5 (0.10 cents) to male members and suggest liquor houses to convert their shops to grape juice shops..

The liquor lead association head Jaggu opposed. He had network with all country liquor shops networked in 25 villages..

Jane ‘Jaggu.. it is a big deal… imagine 10000 males consume liquor cummulative in 25 villages .. It means there is an average Rs5 to 10 lacs (0.25M$ business in a month)..  So if you replace country liquors with grape juices for even a month..  I will ensure you get a ticket to US and Europe.. and I will introduce you to the top fruit juice manufacturer’

Jaggu pauses..

Jaggu ‘Am not also a graduate..’

Jane ‘Relax.. I have JUGGAD. Will first move you to Europe and then after a year to US’

Jaggu ‘Juggad?? ‘

Jane ‘ i believe it is known as setting’

Jaggu smiles..

Jaggu ‘chalo woh bahane vilayati peeyunga..’

Jane ‘common.. I know Hindi.. you want to again drink liquor in Europe’

Jaggu ‘i don’t drink liquor.. i only distribute liquor’

Jane ‘very smart..  but stop doing that.. and now onwards distribute juices.. also we will provide PASSION FLOWER juice’

Jaggu ‘bheedu yeh kya bolti hain?’

Jaggu has a translator who says ‘kuch passion vasion bolti hain.. kuch flower hain.. ‘

Jaggu ‘daru jaisa taste aayega kya?’ (Does it taste like liquor)

His translator ponders and looks at Jane who is looking beautiful

Translator ‘memsahab ne bola toh bola na.. try to karo’ (if such a beautiful girl is saying.. we need to respect her’

Jaggu ‘chalo try karenge’ (ok will try)

Translator ‘Jane.. he agrees’

1 month latter

There are 10000 family women who come and greet Jane with garland.

Jaggu ‘Mem sahab ko bhagwan bana diya’  ( i made her a god)

Jane ‘Jaggu.. not me.. you are the leader.. you have bought back smile to 10000 families and i actually recorded that domestic violence incidents got reduced’

Translator ‘bolti hain  mara mari kam hogaya’ (she tells fights and conflicts reduced in families)

Jaggu has tears in his eyes

Jane  ‘Jaggu your flight ticket.. you have earned the best distributor award for grape juices and the Europe company plans to train you on PASSION FLOWER Juice making’

Jaggu ‘Memsahab.. bhagwan ho ya behan ho.. malum nahin.. maa toh nahin hosakti.. biwi bhi nahi.. kuch toh hain.. joh tumhe bheja mujhe sudharne ke liye..  ek angel maafik’

Translator ‘he says you are god or sister.. not knowing.. you cannot be my mother.. wife too not possible.. something exists.. which god sent you to me to improve me..  like an angel’

Jane got the best social game changer award for her idea and she thanks the sponsors (grape manufacturers) who also have their wine manufacturing unit to take up this bold step to curb country liquor in a country which has huge opportunities

Jane ‘YAAA  HOOOO  never knew PASSION which is suffering caused to Jesus could become PASSION.. a strong zeal to do something in life and now a flower which can help curb alcohol intake’

(Please note..  though PASSION FLOWER induces sleep and relaxed nerves.. Am not a doctor nor a promoter of any juice and this story is pure social entertainment with a message and could be experimented but under guidance of doctors, manufacturers.. )

Attempt to entertain and educate people is an end less effort and hope the message reaches out to individuals to curb alcohol intake as much as possible…

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