Left overs

Louisa has come up with a forum where she has packets circulated to all restaurants in China / India can put their left over food which then moves to various slums as food.

She is in an open dais discussing on the same today

Journalist Mint ‘Louisa what motivates you to do this again and again?’

Louisa ‘Do you know sometimes people tend to order more food then they can eat.. what is wrong in asking individuals to eat as much as they wish and have left overs distributed’

Journalist Uma ‘but don’t you feel it will be unhealthy.. someone else’s plate?’

Louisa ‘you are incorrect. Right at outset we ask hotel management to inform individuals to eat as much as they wish but not leave anything on plate.. it is a semi buffet system.. so the food is never taken from one’s plate and distributed.. it is just left over in bowel and we ensure the food is quality checked’

Journalist Samuel ‘Do left overs really work. Do poor people wait for such meals”

Louisa ‘In the globe each person has at one point of time taken a left over to move ahead.. May be a job offer or an opportunity. Some one refuses something. the other takes it up.. Why we crib if folks eat left overs.. let them fill their stomach finally all work for only stomach.. then MASLOW HIERARCHY OF NEED theory…. understand that first food, then safety.. and then social needs..’

Louisa ‘My boy friend discarded by his girl friend.. emotionally he was drained.. i supported him.. He is a good human.. so he is not left over.. rather he was not meant for her.. he was meant for me.. and i need to respect him for what he is.. and I got discarded by my parents when they realized i was in live in with my ex boy friend.. he too deserted me when he realized I wished to have babies with him.. so now as a left over, my new boy friend accepted me.. Confused?’

All are speech less

Samuel ‘I admire your guts to acknowledge life as it is where it is basis’

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