Trauma Heal

Shane is an ace healer who gets a patient who has been tormented by a fear that someone will abuse her..

Patient Lisa had been to Mexico and one day over 5 Men Armed with weapons confront her while she is getting back home.. She has been a crusader to fight anti drug cause…

One of the Armed Men ‘You will perish under load of 5.. Don’t mess around… ‘

Lisa see’s a big weapon nearing her face and she shrieks..

As she opens her eyes.. all have disappeared

Lisa returns home only to find.. her home ransacked and a guy sitting in her bedroom fully muscular…

Lisa shrieks and he rushes to hold her hand.. She bites his hand and runs on street….

Lisa runs and catches a bus… only to find the bus has over 30 men and women all with weapons..

Lisa is terrified.. She closes her eyes and remembers the day she complained about the local Mafia Leader Lobo

Lisa trembles and when she opens her eyes.. she finds.. she is just left with bare clothes.. and the bus is deserted..

She runs for help and an old man offers to help her.. and now she is at Shane’s clinic

Shane ‘Lisa.. relax.. don’t worry.. you are bold.. you have explained your view point ‘

Lisa ‘i want to return to US.. I cannot take this any longer’

Shane ‘Do you know a fact.. none hurt you.. they played with your mind.. to make you weak.. catch hold of your mind..

Heart gets weak.. Mind can handle all situations.. if you are determined for your cause’

Lisa ‘Have a family to look after.. Am  hardly getting any funds for this purpose’

Shane ‘I will help you out..  you can begin conducting classes for students on impacts of weapon and drugs in their lives’

Lisa is still shivering

Shane ‘Lisa you need to take rest.. relax and if you feel am your friend.. just stay at my house where I have an Aunt, my two kids and my pet BOBBY (DOG)

Lisa has a slow smile on her face

Shane ‘good.. some start somewhere.. All traumas are moments of bad episodes but life is beyond those moments..  It has happy moments too.. wait for those moments.. hope for 1 minute at least you got happy’

Lisa ‘thanks Shane.. and i thank this old gentleman to bring me hear.. Hence i still believe in humanity’

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