Welcome Friends

Sometimes in our life we loose out all our friends as we are obsessed with a few..

Work,. Beloved, Marriage, Education and High Success takes us away from friends at times..

Louisa never knew she would loose her friends as she climbed up the ladder. She has recently won the best idea award in Pitch conference and has earned 1M$.

She invites all her friends to the party..

Moses ‘Louisa is now a queen.. she has everything in her life’

Louisa smiles

Nancy ‘Louisa seems to be more diplomatic now.. Not usual safe’

Jerry ‘I guess we need to take autograph of Louisa.. It seems end of the world’

Rafi ‘Success has an inverse proportion to the present friendship.. You will now onwards forget us’

Louisa thinks in her mind ‘Does success change me or my friends.. Am confused’

Louisa smiles and gives big hug to all and says ‘I will never change.. but it all depends on you guys.. If you keep dissecting me all over.. Good bye’

After Louisa leaves

Her friends ‘echo ‘She will fall down one day and we will again be friends’

Louisa watches them from the side mirror of her car and smiles at self

Moral of story: Do we have some complex in selves when we interact with a more successful friend or vice versa.. Isn’t friendship beyond all this..’

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