Unwritten Law

Morris is a victim of bad marriage and has begun hating women. He feels Men are at times on wrong side of law because of an overall sensitivity towards women.

Piu is a young chinese lady who feels men tend to exploit women at all opportunities and feels even till date women are not safe..

Both of them are participants in GENDER ISSUE Conference and bump into each other during tea break

Morris ‘How are you doing?’

Piu ‘Am fine.. Am pissed out with these conferences.. we keep discussing women rights nothing moves on’

Morris ‘I am still trying to see when they will bring in Men Rights Discussions’

Piu ‘Do you know Men always dominate’

Morris ‘Women tend to play weaker entity and actually they end up gaining.. Even in offices, women are preferred, they can take leaves, work remote’

Both get into furious arguments

A transgender Nilofar comes in

Nilofar ‘we are ones who suffer most… Almost all end up begging’

Piu and Morris both remain silent

Nilofar ‘The unwritten universal law is  DON’T FIGHT FOR RIGHTS. DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR SOCIETY.. EACH PERSON WILL APPRECIATE YOU AND YOU WILL SOON FIND ALL RESPECT YOU TOO. I took up a responsibility to train small slum kids.. Initially parents were scared but today they respect me and do you know in some of schools they are introducing 3 options ‘MALE, FEMALE, UNISEX’

Nilofar ‘God made woman and men as the man players for procreation. So love, attraction, vibrations will always exist.. both of you relax, be friends.. enjoy the conference and only take away one lesson –   if we feel hate for someone still then where will be the heart have space for compassion as compassion comes inside heart only when hate is suppressed or replaced with love’

Piu has drop of tears

Piu ‘Nilofar.. not sure sometimes human minds such that even if a husband asks you to make food everyday. you end up feeling like a servant’

Nilofar ‘that is because you conditioned your mind through such conferences only.. stop doing that. take good lessons from such conferences and enjoy the essence.. we need to fight for all type of rights but with legal constitution not among ourselves.t’

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