Away from the Planet

Ninja is a space traveler and his wife has left him and his kid decides to stay back with Ninja. His eight year old kid Tom also loves space and hence he got stubborn and chose to live with his father..

Ninja ‘Tom again am traveling’

Tom ‘Wow… can i ask you a question?’

Ninja ‘yes?’

Tom ‘Do we have like us other entities there?’

Ninja ‘No’

Tom ‘why you travel?’

Ninja ‘Check on my immune system. It has gone bad.. radiations too impact.. please don’t get into this as your mom is also right in a way.. why spoil health’

Tom ‘Dad.. i want to be like you’

Ninja ‘Away from planet.. what i see is we all are weightless entity,.. we realize we are just nothing… anything can happen anytime.. we know this danger and hence staying grounded becomes all the more important… we are not walking there.. we are in air’

Tom ‘Dad… my planet was you and my mom and I was supposed to be the star of our family.. but without mom i feel lonely’

Ninja hugs Tom

Ninja ‘do you want your mom to come back?’

Tom ‘yes’

Ninja ‘ok.. let us approach your mom’

Tom and Ninja are sitting in a Chinese restaurant

His wife Jenny comes to meet them

Jenny ‘wonderful to see you again Tom’

Jenny looks at Ninja and see’s love in his face

Moments of her intense love making with her friend Henry flashes her mind

Ninja ‘where are you lost?’

Jenny ‘when we make love, we are away from the planet’

Ninja begins laughing

Ninja ‘what makes you feel so.. we are uniting today.. just for kid’

Jenny ‘you never realize what i want’

Ninja ‘i will. Am planning to just start a space school only.. Simulated feeling of space. It is big project.. The space authorities approved it.. So will also have assured salary’

Jenny ‘wow.. that is great news’

Ninja holds Jenny’s hand

Ninja ‘Jenny for Tom’s sake.. let us unite’

Jenny again goes back to her thought when Tom would love her..

Ninja ‘where you lost’

Jenny ‘Away from the Planet’ and smiles and hugs Tom

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