Love to My Little Daughter

She is cool.. She is sharp

She has a habit to go to google maps

and search addresses

One day John’s daughter finds in google map a strange address ‘HITCHCOCK STREET’

She troubles John to reach that street

He takes her to that street and finds to his shock.. his ex girl friend in one of the shop

Flashes reach his mind and he realizes how his girl friend left him and their daughter as she was keen to pursue modeling

He reaches Tina and says ‘Hello’

Tina ‘How are you.. After long time.. and looks at Angel.. their 7 year old daughter’

Angel ‘How are you Aunty’

Tina ‘I have a business of toys.. Will you wish to play with toys’

Angel ‘yes aunty’

Angel ‘Dad.. can I stay with Aunty a little longer’

John looks at Angel

Tina ‘John.. can we spend some time together’

Both Angel and Tina play with toys..

John ‘time to leave’

Tina ‘John.. never knew HITCHCOCK STREET would unite us too’

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