The Loss and Gain of Life

Samuel is a musician who loves composing new lyrics. His girl friend Julie always wonders why in a city like New York, Samuel is not able to get recognition. She suggests him to be in LA.

Samuel soon decides to go to LA and meet some prospective producers..

One of the producer Nancy takes liking for Samuel…

Nancy ‘Samuel  Are you single?’

Samuel ‘Yes but have a 6 year old relation with my girl friend Julie’

Nancy ‘Samuel… I am alone and waiting for right match. i feel you are the one for me’

Samuel is taken aback..

Samuel ‘Nancy.. I think of you as my prospective employer’

Nancy ‘Samuel.. my partner.. you be my partner.. ‘

Samuel ‘What about Julie?’

Nancy ‘She is practical hence she chose you to come to LA. She will realize that it was not meant to be’

Nancy comes closer to Samuel and hugs him

Samuel leaves for the day

Nancy ‘one minute.. give me a rocking lyric tomorrow’

At home Samuel pens

‘A beginning of my life

I kept gaining all my love

Happy and Happy I was

A beginning of my school

I kept gaining all my friends

Happy and Happy I was

A beginning of my job

I gained my special friend

Special as she was

Lovely and Sweet

Special as she was

I loose her for a moment

I cry for those moment

Why we loose knowingly?

Why we loose for some gain

A beginning of my career

I will loose her for now..

i will miss her for now…

Will she forgive me?

Will she hate me?

For my gain which made her loose

Next day he returns to Nancy and gives her the composition..

Nancy ‘dear.. pathos missing..’

Nancy ‘Life is such that you gain wealth, you loose peace.. you gain health, you loose nimbleness, you don’t wish to loose anything.. you will not gain anything’

Nancy ‘so what is your decision’

Samuel ‘Life is a compromise and if there is a beautiful person like you; i don’t mind it’

A few days later

Julie see’s an email

Julie murmurs ‘Bloody I knew this.. No problems.. I loved those moments with him but need to move on.. what should i do next?

Julie looks at mirror and finds her smiling face

Julie murmurs to self ‘Dear Julie you lost Samuel but you gained freedom.. celebrate freedom with happiness’

Julie takes a car and goes to a pub and enjoys the music and keeps dancing to self..

A handsome guy comes in

Guy ‘Can we dance?’

Julie ‘Sure….’

Julie ‘what is your name?’

Guy ‘Samuel dear’

Julie ‘Oh No Not again’

Guy ‘What happened?’

Julie ‘I had a boy friend with same name’

Guy ‘Wow.. it was past.. am present’

Julie ‘you wish to gain too quickly’

Guy ‘what is wrong in it?’

Julie ‘you are loosing also too quickly’

Guy ‘whom?’

Julie ‘me.. ‘ and giggles and leaves the pub

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