Infectious Smile

A smile which is heart full, sincere, warm and flashes love vibes around makes any one voluntarily go to the person and shake hands with that person.

Dona has a beautiful smile and Sam is hooked on to her smile from day one.

Dona, the CEO of startup and Sam the office boy…

Sam ‘Good morning Mam’

Dona smiles

Sam is dumbstruck

Dona ‘Sam. leave now.. what are you staring at me’

Sam rushes to Dona’s table..

Sam shakes her hand ‘Very good morning madam’

Dona ‘Why you need to shake hands for this?’

Sam ‘I thought this is the only right way to greet you’

Dona ‘In New York City, every morning we are caught up in meetings.. so no time to shake hands.. get me a coffee’

Sam rushes to get coffee

Dona ‘Sam.. you know in US we never keep office boys.. but you are like an assistant and i feel you can grow well. Am 20 years elder to you.. Like your MOM’

Sam’s face falls

Dona “Like your sister’

Sam’s face falls further

Dona ‘Friend’

Sam’s face flashes smile

Dona ‘You are mad.. Should I remove you’

Sam’s face falls low

Dona ‘OK complete the project proposal today’ and flashes her smile

Sam ‘Ok Madam.. have a nice day’

After Sam leaves

Dona looks at the photo of her boy friend who is in Europe in an accelerator program

Dona murmurs ‘All love my smile. even my assistant.. but my heart beats only for your infectious smile’

Dona kisses the photo and gets back to work.

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