Aaram (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Sleep well.. Aaram means relaxation

Eat in time..  Relaxation helps in ensuring we eat food in times…

Sip a juice leasurely.. watch the sun rise, jogging all around in morning..

Aaram – Aaram — Aaram

Life can be cool.. No more late nights.. No more meetings..

Just about sleep in time.. get up early…

relax for a few minutes in office hours.. Just 15 minutes.. stop thinking of everything.. go to the corner of your building and no smoking please.. just watch the trees or the nature or even the traffic and get back to work…

Aaram – Aaram –  Aaram

Zoo Business (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Derik has a zoo business where he collects rare animal species from different parts of the world and mates them in his 200 acre of lands in Tanzania.  He has strange fascination for snakes, elephants, tigers, foxes and surprises of surprises he has such huge acres of land in Newzealand, even Antartica and Europe…

Derik has his only daughter Kim who loves animals.. She loves to be with animals…

A group of reporters come to meet Derik

Reporter ‘Derik.. what drives you to have zoo’s created all over’

Derik ‘Humans love to watch animals in cage, animals free and they love be in cage moving around watching the animals.. I love to see human in cage watching animals and hence my zoo has animals moving freely and humans moving in caged vans’

Reporters begin smiling at each other…

Derik ‘Meet Tom, my latest pet;

Reporters are shocked when they see a huge Lion coming besides Derik

Derik ‘My business is simple, i take CSR from business men and feed animals in my earlier investment of lands, mate them, grow them and the move them to artificial zoos’

Reporter ‘What is the profit?’

Derik ‘If the zoo is well maintained, good animals and birds exist, easily we can make upto US$50000 as we have plans where couples can feed animals of their choice, donate lunch / dinners for animals of their choice., adopt an animal and  do you know what?’

Reporter ‘What’

Derik ‘Jackie has adopted 4 Lions, 3 Tigers, 2 Snakes, 5 Elephants and around 10 Deer’

Reporter ‘wow Jackie Chan?’

Derik ‘Jackie the Siberia Tycoon ‘

Reporter ‘why he does so?’

Derik ‘He got cheated by his family and almost on streets when his pet dog guided him to one forest in Siberia..

Reporter ‘what was seen?’

Derik ‘Jackie saw animals binding more then human.. Animals do not cheat like how humans do.. so’

Reporter Thanks Derik.. will publish this article soon’

Derik ‘Thanks..  am getting huge orders from politicians all over the world for their private zoo’s but government rules mandatory.. no one should hurt rare species of birds’

Reporter ‘i agree.. so how you got permission’

Derik ‘Long struggle.. 60% of earnings go to government.. It is a public private model’

Reporter ‘got it’

You and Me (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

You and Me

Together we can make a small impact

Impact to be read, be heard, be spoken about

Blogging has its own perils and we writers keep binding with each other for only singular reason ‘PASSION for contributing’

You and Me

Together our experiences when narrated

Impact a few, talked about by few but the real benefit comes if someone learns the DO’s and DONT’s from those messages..

Bloggers get paid poorly unless there is a big brand involved..

Writers too get under paid.. Scripts are penned, but the actors and actresses end up making huge money..

So have can a Writer build a brand?

YOU and ME brand where you and me can collaborate and begin writing stories..

Is it my thought? An entrepreneur in me keeps thinking of various ideas and innovations to help society get benefited

Smile now as even if we are blogging, poorly paid, not paid, and may be it is part time hobby, it can be cultivated to specialized skill..

Enjoy blogging and reading..!

Xmas (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Xmas seasons

The cold chilly winds

The warm leather coats

A close hugging walk

Xmas reasons

“If in cold days, we need warmth and affection, why cannot we share our warmth with some else in their cold days in Summer Seasons’

“Himalayan tragedy shocks the world and a lesson to all that ‘LIFE IS SHORT, MAKE BEST USE OF LIFE WHEN WE ARE HERE IN THIS EARTH “

Worn Out Torn Out (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Uncle Sam is haggard with fully torn clothes sitting in front of a grave yard.. Flashes of previous years come to his mind..

He is one of the most reputed venture capitalist and never fails in any venture till one day…

Julie ‘Sam.. a very interesting proposal for you’

Sam ‘What is it?’

Julie ‘you will need to fund the largest incubation network who in turn will give you 10% equity’

Sam ‘Are you sure?’

Julie ‘trust me?’

Sam ‘Am blocking 100M$ fund for it’

Soon enough the incubation network begins identifying entrepreneurs and begins funding on all type of ecommerce ventures’

Sam ‘Julie this is not what i was looking at.. was more keen on Manufacturing projects’

Julie ‘relax.. things will improve’

After 5 years

Sam ‘None made money.. though valuation keeps increasing.. ‘

Julie is silent…

Sam ‘Am tired Julie.. check on my health.. I counted on you and felt we would make real good bucks.. but’

Julie ‘relax Sam. I know none of your ventures have exited yet’

Sam ‘The problem is I took some money on interest from others too for this corpus’

Sam is in grave yard.. watching the number of VC’s who have moved up ‘

Sam smiles upwards

Sam ‘It is part and parcel of life.. Many here.. have invested in stocks and then entrepreneurs and so on.. full risk takers.. but finally all in drain’

He gets a call..

Sam ‘Julie tell me’

Julie ‘congrats venture zombo exits with 10X.. you have got your first 20M back’

Sam is happy..

Sam looks at grave yard ‘dear all.. i survived.. Let me move my corpus to social ventures. Will retain 5M for self, pay off 10M debt and 5M towards social ventures.. my contribution to society’

Julie ‘you are worn out torn out.. why still this risk?’

Sam ‘This time for society’

Wonders of World (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Wonders of world came together for a discussion. Their souls loving and caring discussed how the people slogged to build them, shape them.. with love and care..

Taj Mahal sighed ‘These days people put their names , couples take photo’s around me and I realize the mad slaughter to ensure no one else built Taj Mahal..  Each unique beauty has so many lovers and the fight to grab the beautiful’

The Great Pyramid of Giza ‘People looted the Kingdom.. ‘

Lake Baikal ‘So many changes.. so many captures.. all ripping me all over.. and these days they are doing some research too on me’

Other souls have gone of to sleep

Taj Mahal ‘I wonder all the lovers who visit me, do they really stay united and realize true love or am I just an amusement for them to capture photos’

Lake Baikal ‘I hope more tourism happens here.. let me see as of now am happy being with those fishes  but am unhappy with those nuclear plant proposal etc  and it seems Christ too visited here and said beyond this there is nothing.. Hence Daouria is sterile’

Taj Mahal ‘You want crowd.. I want peace… ‘

Great Pyramid too dozing of to sleep

Taj Mahal ‘Ok am rushing back to Agra.. some chaos there.. two lovers trying to commit suicide.. Honor killing you see’

Baikal ‘Wow.. still in this age we have these ‘

Taj Mahal ‘Wonders happen only because of uniqueness.. So that concept too is unique for many in the world. I gave an idea to few and these days some entrepreneurs make my shape and all wonders shape and put exhibitions in it. Huge business’

Baikal ‘Is it so? But am a big lake.. how can someone simulate me’

Taj ‘You are natural wonder.. Am man made.. so please remain same as it is.. hope we don’t have such artificial lakes begin getting developed in your name’

Baikal ‘Hope so.. where is water left?’

Taj ‘yes.. too much scarcity.. I too get washed only when rains come’

Baikal begins smiling

Togetherness (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

She may shout, she may howl but she is there for me when I need her most.

He may falter, he may be casual but he is there for me when I need him the most..

Parents need love, kids need love.. a one time lunch or dinner together by a family with no discussions of conflicts, no discussions of issues.. only smiling, watching Doremon cartoons or Disney World and kids love to see their parents together..

Dear Jane, I know you are unhappy because he is always arguing with you, finding faults, but do you know a fact, that he is the only one who never forgets to appreciate you in public and don’t you feel appreciating someone truly means that person respects you?’

Jane reads the letter sent by her best friend Mary and looks at the family photo besides her..

Is EGO beyond human relation and need to be remain inflated? For togetherness can we get flexible?

Jane washes her face and calls up John

Jane ‘Am returning back to be with you’

John ‘Thanks a lot.. Nia is waiting too.. We are struggling to cook noodles.. Should we wait for you?’

Jane ‘This is what I hate about you.. you will make a mess of the kitchen and I need to sort it out. Coming in 30 minutes.. was in my friend’s house for a week..’

John ‘I know.. I too make grumbles.. hope i suppress again.. so welcome back after our 18th split in last 7 years’