Can I borrow Love from you? (WR)

Dopes is a drug addict who is struggling to come of his problem. His mother Mary is worried. A 14 year old kid and has absolute no reasons to turn to drug addiction. Father Mark works in a multi national and in a very good position as President.

Mary ‘I regret.. the day I kept your name Dopes’

Dopes ‘Mom.. I want to come of this mess. ‘

Mary ‘Dopes.. can you at least tell me today what is the problem.. what made you get into this addiction’

Dopes ‘Mom.. i feel you and dad neglected me.. I am sent to care takers from child hood.. You both would come and pick me up late evening and then even for parties; sometimes you would lock me’

Mary recollects 10 years back; she is enjoying an office party with her friends..

Mary ‘Am so sorry child’

Dopes ‘At age of 8; i saw a few kids tasting some sweets. I too loved it..and then..’ he burst out crying

Mary ‘Mark your dad wants to start his own venture.. why don’t you begin taking interest in it?’

Dopes ‘Did my dad ever bother to see my report card or even accompany me on sports day’

Mary is silent

Dopes ‘Mom.. I too wish to live.. Enjoy life…’

Mary has tears in eyes…

Dopes ‘Mom, Can i borrow love from you.. the love you show to your friends, relatives, husband and your best friend Joseph’

Mary realizes that in quest of career and fulfillment of love how both Mary and Mark didn’t mind giving each other huge space to explore love and life with friends too

Dopes ‘Mom.. can i borrow love..’ His face turns too pale..

Mary ‘Dopes.. are you alright.. please wake up..’

Dopes ‘Promise me Mom.. never ever lock kids and do work..’

Mary ‘I promise Dopes.. will work for this cause and generate awareness’

Dopes closes his eyes..

Mary finds him cold..

Dopes has left the world to a peaceful abode with a message to all

‘Don’t neglect your kid and understand that kids need love and attention in earlier stages too and once the bond gets established.. the kids too will surely love you when you grow old. So over ambition, moving kids to hostels, sending them to care takers.. fine as life needs to move on, money is surely needed but check with the kid what a kid really wants..

Is it you or the materialistic pursuits and I believe their needs are limited in early years.. we cultivate the habit of materialism in kids and help them increase their wants – stay simple dear.. life is all about simplicity

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