Dear Deer (WR)

Story of a deer who is gentle, timid and enjoying life in a jungle with her friends.

One day.. the dear gets power of voice…

Deer see’s a couple and kid watching her from far..

Deer uses her power of voice

Deer ‘Are you really a happy couple’

John and Louisa look at each other surprised..

John ‘I am meeting Louisa my separated wife after 4 years. It is because I own this forest and she wants to have a social entrepreneurship venture of creating an animal orphanage and which will also attract tourism’

Deer ‘So will we all need to again become demo’s and all of you enjoy looking at us?’

John remains silent

Louisa ‘Dear Deer; my intention is to feed these animals right food, give right environment and whatsoever money we earn, it will be to feed all of you’

Deer ‘Your kid looks so sad and confused’

John ‘I agree. He didn’t see me for 4 years and so he is now 8.. He has forgotten me.. and she has not taken care of him too’

Louisa ‘Stop it John. i didn’t ask you to fall in love with some one else.. you were so dear to me.. and then one day you just decided to break up for her’

John ‘It was a mistake. Why you so rigid.. It is my past’

Deer ‘Stop fighting dear.. take care of kid and be united’

Louisa ‘Never…’

Deer ‘We animals never stay in isolation, we need our fraternity.. group dynamism plays important role.. So if you try to harm us, we take an action..  My clan too is used as food by bigger animals but that is our life.. Why are you fighting this way and do you wish to be deer in next life?’

Louisa is silent

Louisa ‘Who are you? why you can speak?’

Deer ‘Re-incarnation happens.. I believe in it.. Not sure what i did in last life.. But I believe if I did something good in this life, i may turn out to be savior of society in next life’

John ‘Louisa let us listen to this deer and unite ‘

Louisa has tears in her eyes

She hugs her son and asks him ‘Can we have your daddy back?’

Son ‘Is he my daddy?’

Louisa ‘yes dear’

Son ‘Wow so now I can play with him.. Daddy can we keep deer in our house’

Till then the deer’s power of voice lost

Deer runs away to Jungle

John ‘Life is an illusion if we chose to be believe in it. Life is a reality if we chose to act on it and Life is a lesson if we chose to experience each moments of life and improve self’

Son ‘Didn’t understand what you said’

John hugs son and says ‘Forgive me dear.. I will not repeat my mistake’

Son ‘What did you do?’

John ‘To neglect you dear’

All three return back home

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