E;s of life (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is GoodRock Star Romeo decides to start an event company for causes of NGOs. He comes across a founder Jack who has initiated a social venture  ‘E’s of Life’

Romeo ‘What is E’s of Life’

Jack ‘Enamored, Envy, Eager, Enjoy, Etiquette. Enlightened, Encourage..’

Romeo ‘Why are you rattling words beginning from E’

Jack  ‘We have created a platform where individuals first get an opportunity to interact with influential people and are Enamoured.  ‘

Susan comes in and says ‘Jack.. there are at least 50 needy women who wish to come up to a normal life’

Jack ‘show them cassettes of how women entrepreneurs come up in life and Enjoy the struggles and also earn comfortable earnings’

Susan ‘Yes Sir’

Romeo ‘What is all this?’

Jack ‘We are making the needy ones’ envy life style of women entrepreneurs who were like them’

Romeo ‘Interesting.. using Envy dimensions for Inspiration’

Jack ‘Right..’

Jack gets a call from Melissa

Melissa ‘Sir.. 100 women are getting in Etiquette training’

Jack ‘Cool.. ‘

Romeo ‘Am going crazy what is all this?’

Jack ‘First create an envy then when desire grows groom the needy women with etiquette training as many poor ladies may tend to get harsh or even ones’ who are frustrated with life tend to get rude.. or get into conflicts.’

Romeo ‘Not all’

Joseph comes in..

Joseph ‘Jack.. Have 50 women who will learn life stories, business challenge stories to help them get enlightened that being Envious is fine, even getting good personality or being groomed fine but still life will not be bed of roses’

Romeo ‘Cool’

Joseph ‘and then we encourage them to become entrepreneurs in our incubation initiative’

Romeo ‘Interesting so what is the venture’

Joseph ‘It is an social incubation center’

Romeo ‘Am thoroughly impressed. i guess i want to be part of your venture’

Joseph ‘Most welcome’

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