House Warming (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Louisa is happy that she finally will finally step in the house. She put all her savings to purchase the property and has also got a bank loan.  A software engineer by profession. She has come from Hong kong 3 years back and her green card also is in process.

Louisa calls up her boy friend Philip to inform him to be with her during the grand party

On the event day..

Louisa ‘Dear All.. Am happy for your support and please enjoy the party.’

There is a big bang music….

and.. suddenly..

Louisa feels the vibration below… She can feel the tremors

All her friends shriek ‘Hoooooooooooooooo..  what is this? why are we feeling tremors’

Louisa ‘I guess it is a warning.. We at LA are vulnerable’

Friend Rob ‘But your’s is a new construction.. why should it shake so much’

Louisa ‘I will ask the civil construction company’

Suddenly they see a sudden crack being developed in the house..

All shriek and run out.. and before they can even blink the entire house crashes in 5 minutes

Louisa is shocked..  All are reeling in shock

Louisa has tears… Rob consoles her… suddenly every one says ‘Where is Philip?’

Louisa rushes to the debris and finds him stuck….

She and her friends pull him out and he has pain in his legs..

Phillip ‘thanks to everyone.. even am safe’

Louisa ‘There is a saying Home is built of People.. so here i am again left with my friend.. Not sure of insurance and not sure of whether I really will get a house back’

Her friends console her… and they decide to launch an investigation…

Louisa ‘How i wished I could have checked on the building codes and architecture and seek advice of friend.. And why it happened to only my house?’

Phillip ‘Louisa it is a lesson.. we may need to spread this awareness among people. if we get the money from insurance and construction company. let us have start up to review infrastructures and I believe some association do exist to groom professional’s

Louisa ‘Philip.. do you feel i will get back my money invested’

Phillip ‘Have faith..’

4 months latter Louisa has won the case and she has got her investment back…

Louisa ‘Phillip.. never knew an accident would turn my course of life’

Phillip ‘yes.. we were almost gone up’

Louisa ‘sometimes god teaches us and gives us an experience for a cause’

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