Ignore it (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Life is such that if we choose to think too much, we may soon get headache.

Mary feels Life is simple if we chose to believe and ignore people who taunt you, harass you, pressurize you so a simple trick is to just remain neutral and silent

What is Mary’s story..?

Mary is a harassed woman. Her husband insults her at slightest pretext. At office she is harassed by her boss because she makes mistakes in her work. While traveling in metro, she keeps bumping to Jack who chooses to be in same compartment always and keeps silently watching Mary’

One day Mary asks a question to the guy staring at her ‘I know you are Jack as i overheard someone calling you.. but why you stare at me?’

Jack ‘you look harassed’

Mary ‘none of your business’

Jack ‘i don’t want to ignore it’

Mary “ignore it.. ‘

Jack ‘I want to be friends to you’

Mary ‘what will you gain?’

Jack ‘A star buck coffee’

Mary begins laughing

Jack ‘I am at Queens so may be on weekend, can we have coffee’

Mary agrees

Slowly Mary and Jack become friends..

One day Jack asks Mary ‘why don’t you leave your husband’

Mary ‘I cannot.. the property is in his name.. and he will not give alimony’

Jack bursts laughing and says ‘Ignore it.. as you will ruin your life thinking of such gains and loose your peace and happiness’

Mary ‘Do you feel I will feel better?’

Jack ‘you will be rocking.. don’t think too much.. ignore what was not meant for you’

Mary smiles and both return back to the platform to catch next Metro

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