Light a Fire (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Strobe is a solar engineer. He loves to focus on renewable energy. As he researches on net he arrives at an island where there is no electricity..

He decides to check the number of families in that island.. hardly 300..

Strobe decides to visit the same as it is in remote pacific ocean…

Strobe meets a person Hank who is care take of the island..

Strobe ‘Why no one thought of electricity here?’

Hank ‘Not possible.. it is a remotest of place… not viable’

Strobe takes out his kit and puts the first solar light…

Hank ‘why could I not think of it first’

Strobe ‘because you believed nothing can happen’

Hank ‘Yes I agree.. sometimes we are aware of the solution too but never decide to solve the problem and remain in mess’

Strobe smiles

Strobe ‘Light a fire in your mind and keep thinking how you can improve your living condition.. only you can make it happen’

A few months latter

Strobe ‘Hank.. it is amazing you have converted the island to mini picnic spot.. Now the tourism should increase’

Hank ‘yes Strobe your renewable energy changed my direction and it light a fire in my mind’

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