Marine Life (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Fishes have all the reasons to stay in water as they cannot live without water… Necessity is mother of invention.. What happens to animals who cannot speak and only hear..

Use of sensory, magnetic and chrono biology.. whatsoever we can think of.. we realize that fishes may use the direction of light to find way provided light remains focused in same direction.

Entrepreneurs need to understand that being focused is very important and as in Marine life fishes drift away from main line.. Entrepreneurs too can drift.. Any human can drift from main focus.. and it may need direction of light to guide them back.

Fishes remain asleep by floating motionless. Many research is still non existent on that topic. Humans need to understand that at times they need to just float motionlessly and stay put when things are going wrong.. Light will come soon and will take you to a new path of life.

Each animal is an entrepreneur excluding Humans where we may or may not have entrepreneurs. Why is it so?

As the super unknown gave us only organs, shape and body and sent us to earth.. How we fend for ourselves depends on us.. If we wish to keep remaining dependent on others. we can never be entrepreneurs but if we think ourselves as small animals and see their approach to life… may be we may end up being successful entrepreneur one day

Team is important, but finally even an entrepreneur needs to work. No question of having just sleeping partners.

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