Nocturnal (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

In many south east Asian countries individuals support US / Europe products through BPO / KPO / RPO and other O’s

(Outsourcing Model) and one day respective team members from Philippines and India get into conversation..

From India  Setu ‘Good night Kim what keeps you in this support service for so long’

From Philippines Kim ‘have to take care of my ailing mother dear.. thanks to outsourcing else I would have been in some Dubai streets soliciting clients’

Setu is shocked

Setu them begins laughing

Setu ‘Me too same boat.. our education system is such that after BA or BCOM or BSC no future.. unless we do post graduate and then again even if we are good, if join a big company, all will look at you as if you are an under graduate or school drop out. We never came out of that mentality of being Engineer or Doctor. Now times have changed’

Setu’s friend Riya steps in

Riya ‘wow chatting with our counterpart..’

Setu ‘Riya I told you to quit smoking.. see the dark circles below your eyes’

Riya ‘Computer Engineer.. No job in that field so practice programming day time and night time this idiotic job.. just have no sleep’

Kim is listening,. her friend Susie calls Kim for a coffee

Kim ‘Ok catch you in 10 minutes.. grabbing a coffee’

Susie ‘Kim this Tua has ruined me.. He says he will not marry me…’

Kim ‘Relax.. don’t get too emotional. As we are nocturnal creatures,. we may tend to fall in love more but all emotions need to be curbed’

Susie and Kim return from break

Kim ‘Setu.. do you feel we will continue life long this way’

Setu ‘Are you mad.. Am exploring trying to start a call center of my own or may get into grocery selling’

Kim ‘Am just hoping I get a good generous single manager who begins loving me and I retire’

Setu ‘Die hard romantic.. ‘ and both begin giggling

Kim ‘Hey let us get back to work.. else both will be kicked out soon’

Setu ‘yes.. over and out’

Setu;s boss Ram is seeing all this fun..

Ram pens a thought in his diary

‘IS EDUCATION REALLY NEEDED OR KNOWLEDGE IS MORE IMPORTANT. Do lesser educated folks really have a choice apart from entrepreneurship as who hires them anyways.’

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