Oh my Gym (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Bob and Susan are International Models and when they are not modelling they are in Gym.

As Bob does his pushups and admires at his muscles, Susan in on cycle burning calories..

Bob is sweating.. and goes to wash his face…

As he see’s the mirror.. he sweats..

Bob is seeing a different Bob and it looks old, haggard though muscles exist…

He rushes to call Susan..

Bob ‘Susan.. look what i am.. Are you sure.. it is me?’

Susan looks at mirror and finds herself haggard, with wrinkles in eyes…

Susan ‘Bob.. is the mirror faulty or are we ageing so badly’

Bob ‘But we GYM regularly’

Susan rushes to various mirrors in the GYM as it is night time 8pm and finds their faces look distorted

Susan ‘Hope there is no evil spirit’

Bob ‘Absolutely no’

Susan ‘Bob.. is it our over work life style or excessive gym bouts’

Bob ‘Could be.. as to keep this blessed muscles, we get into all sort of diets. excessive protein, low carbohydrate and then our skin oil also decreases when we go for tanning’

Susan ‘Should we quit modeling..Am 36 and i believe you are over 45’

Bob ‘i tried to be in films.. but no luck

Susan ‘I am continuously trying to say am in late 20s but i believe people will be laughing at me’

Bob ‘Let’s start a gym with very light aerobics and yoga and quit modeling.. our days are up’

Susan smiles..

Susan ‘hey we continuously gym but never proposed each other.. Are you still  in your past baggage or wish to make new beginning?’

Bob “I guess i should make a new beginning. i didn’t wish to again go with a Model for a wife’

Susan ‘so right now am not a model from tomorrow’

Bob hugs Susan


Susan ‘I realize anything in excess is bad..’

Bob ‘Me too’

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