Sorry (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Susan ‘Am sorry for this whole mess. Forgot to call the VIPs and concentrated only on the mass audience’

Milan ‘Susan… it is surprising how you could’

Susan “I agree.. hardly any investors are committed to come tomorrow for the PITCH event’

Milan ‘Let us cancel the whole bit’

Susan ‘Am very sorry.. i messed this up..’

Milan ‘What made you do so… ‘

Susan ‘I felt you would be responsible for coordinating with the VIPs and me focused  on the audience’

Milan ‘Think of ideas’..

Susan ‘Can we have those video’s shared with Investors?’

Milan ‘It will not create impact’

Susan ‘Can we postpone the event?’

Milan ‘It is a big loss. Anyways.. take care next time..’

Susan sends an email to all participants that the event is postponed’

Milan’s accelerator faces brick bats..

Susan submits her resignation..

Milan ‘Susan.. don’t resign.. We all make mistakes.. Let us make big impact next time”

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