United Nerds (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

In one of the dizzy accelerator, there were these bunch of nerds wishing to make a unique product..

Product  ZOMBIE

Specifications :

Tell Zombie your problem and it will check your heart beats, and provide the right friend for you at that moment of time from your data base..

HO HO HO  The Nerds would sing song in chorus whole night while coding in the dark..

Moses the brightest of Nerd is sipping cup of tea

Nua his girl friend who is an ace coder whispers in his ear..

Nua ‘Moses.. the algorithm will need huge amount of data of friends and for strange reasons it never shows you as the person whom I should ask for when am I in problem’

Moses smiles..

Moses ‘The algorithm is right.. Am not a solution provider neither have I patience to listen to you.. so’

Nua ‘It shows Joe’

Moses’ oh that one sided lover of yours’

Nua ‘Yes but I believe he loves me truly’

Moses ‘Right’

Nua hugs Moses

Moses ‘Nua.. love is all about friendship too. If you marry your best friend, you will always be happy’

Nua ‘what do you mean?’

Moses ‘Marry Joe and we will launch this product by saying so ‘This product also can help identify your true soul mate’

Nua is in tears

Moses ‘relax dear.. it saved your years of trouble marrying me’

Moses ‘you are uniting with another nerd.. relax’

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