Upmanship (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

The world of 50-50. 80-20, 70-30. 60-40..

A small stake of equity

A small goal to grow

Sweat has its own sweet smell.

Money has its own sour smell.

Sweet and Sour when the company gets incorporated

Board rooms are nothing but bored hearings on when will I get return on investment

I regret investing in this.. Am backing out.. Identify someone new

Make a buzz, increase the valuation

At home, the spouse or your beloved or family buzzing, keep our stakes too

Life running around Upmanship

A  subtle assertive dominance by an employer, by your investor and then you in turn dominating the employees

Is there an end to this madness of acquisitions, mergers or will it continue life long

A very seasoned human said only few companies will survive after 30-40 years. Most of them will be acquired or merged.. Was that human right?

In this journey of entrepreneurship do not forget your core human values and keep reminding self, you are doing this to contribute to the society.. finance goals exist, but they are more of natural flow in this journey.

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