Voice of Customer (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

The customer wants crisp stories, major happenings, juicy tit bits on world around.. We as bloggers or media writers make earnest attempt to cater to the same..

Hari is of opinion ‘Advertisements drive the media industry’

Susan ‘Content is king’

Nancy ‘Accidents, Calamities, some breaking news’

Rose ‘Sports’

Jane ‘Real Estate’

Firoz ‘Politics’

Mink ‘Why exactly the craze for a blog or story writing page get reduced?’

Jose ‘Push it through social media.. there are many in market who can increase your traffic’

Rose laughs

Rose ‘Does it really matter who reads it and who doesn’t. Isn’t blogging all about releasing your deep thought processes as stories to impact a few, teach a few and if nothing else, be satisfied with your creative itch?’

All are pin drop silence

Firoz ‘The day of quality writing is gone way back.. More we write, more people get irritated. Blogging a paragraph acceptable, blogging more then a page is time consuming for read and write both. Same holds true for news content’

Suddenly a flash comes in NEWS..

“There is a huge attack on bloggers of one country.. They are being kidnapped…”

Rose, Jose, Mink, Firoz, Jane, Susan , Hari who are in conference room…suddenly find themselves surrounded by gang of 100…

Scared to wit.. the gang threaten ‘Voice of Customer – say what our ears, eyes, nose, mouth like.. All our basic senses.. Don’t write too much philosophy, Don’t write too much drama.. Entertain us… nothing more. we have enough of head aches as it is.. Add some love, romance too..  and all this entrepreneur bit..  We all are jobless, can you coach us to start something on own.. we can give you juicy tit bits around college, administrative offices etc’

The entire gang burst into laughing..

Rose ‘Is Journalism at time a threat to life too?’

Gang ‘Of course.. as you are writing about something which others wish to suppress’

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