Washed out (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Melissa is a scientist who is researching on a unique topic of how to erase bitter memories in human mind..

Her logic is if we have an option of DELETE to delete files in hard disk or memory, we can implement the same logic even in human..

Melissa understands that long term memory can be destroyed through destruction of neurons which act as a transmitter of electrical and chemical signals..

Her colleague Jose feels that to suppress those neurons which transmit bad memories back to human mind, we need to understand which neurons impact such memories..

Melissa ‘Am working on mapping neuron reactions to each of our day-to-day activity and then will understand which group of neurons respond most to bitter memories’ if those neurons respond to some good happy happenings too it means those neurons need to be subjected to the other activities which can suppress those neurons from transmitting bad memories back to human mind’

Jose ‘Complex…’

Melissa ‘You loved your dog and when it expired, it came haunting to you.. as no one knows that you killed the dog in fit of anger when it bit your dearest beloved Melissa’

Jose’s face turns pale

Melissa ‘I mapped your thought process and found you are comfortable with pet dogs and your spikes of outburst come when something disrupts your thought towards the object you love most’

Jose ‘So?’

Melissa ‘So.. I plan to have a dog again play with me…’

Jose ‘If it hurts you.. i will kill that dog too’

Melissa ‘This feeling is what i wish to suppress. I will check your neuron behaviors’

Jose’s pet dog Tom arrives and Melissa begins playing..

Jose’s reactions are being mapped… and just when Melissa kisses Tom on his back.. the spikes turn high..

Melissa smiles back at Jose.. and spikes get to normal…

After those 15 minutes mapping..

Melissa ‘Do you know possessiveness engulfs you and you cannot bear even a dog touching me’

Jose ‘so how you can wash out this possessiveness?’

Melissa ‘A surprise for you’

Jose ‘Anne.. how come she is.. one of the most beautiful girl and I used to love her for her wits.. what a surprise’

Melissa ‘Mapping begins again now’

Melissa hugs the dog.. and maps Jose’s reactions..

Melissa moves her dainty fingers in Dogs’s mouth..

Jose’s spikes move a bit but not too much..

After the mapping completes..

Jose ‘So?’

Melissa “It means.. if you find a previous object which you liked most, you may tend to forget the bitter memories with present object’

Jose ‘So any WASHED OUT OBJECT can happen only if we bring out any other OBJECT which we like to interact more with us”

Melissa ‘Yes”

Jose ‘Anne.. can you come for a dinner today’

Anne smiles and looks at Melissa

Melissa ‘Have a great evening.. I have to catch up with my research’

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