Results (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Principal Rob is closely examining all the mark sheets of students in class V, VI, VII, VIII and IX. who have been toppers in the school.

He takes the top ranker as sample.. John.. a bright young boy.. who in 5th scores 100/100 in Mathematics, in VI and VII too scores 100/100 and surprisingly in VIII and IX he scores lesser the Frank..

Rob ‘I want to probe it further’

Susan ‘Rob.. He didn’t go for taking extra coaching’

Rob ‘Are you kidding.. Does it mean extra coaching can help gain more marks’

Susan ‘Yes.. we teachers cannot do anything.. Outside school structured coaching classes available and they also have good links with school boards,

Rob ‘So what can be done to improve quality of education within schools?’

Susan “Teachers need to bring in innovation to teaching’

Rob ‘Let us start a teacher skill innovation program and check how to combat coaching class’

Susan ‘we cannot curb coaching classes.. max we can do is bring them into our group and if possible can we acquire them?’

Rob ‘Not a bad idea.. but if you see coaching class depends only one or two teachers. If we can have them train our students in summer seasons, maybe children will stop going there directly’

Rob ‘we fund them’

Susan ‘correct.. and we charge fee from student’

Rob ‘Never knew that to get good results supplements get costlier’

Susan ‘Education basic need is still costly for many.. hence in a family of 4 plus we find at least one school drop out’

Rob ‘In US.. we say education is reasonably priced but is it really?’

Susan smiles..

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