Good for Nothing

John is a good for nothing individual who gets into an argument with his uncle Professor Sam on the same topic.

John ‘Good for Nothing.. I am Good..  But am not getting anything.. hence am Good for Nothing’

Sam ‘John.. it means.. you are useless’

John ‘Uncles.. Good came in that sentence.. Right’

Sam ‘yes’

John ‘for nothing too came’

Sam ‘yes’

John ‘precisely.. am good but am good for nothing… Give me 100 bucks to watch latest movie and see how i take care of you and Aunty and we can celebrate using those 100 bucks’

Sam ‘you are absolute useless.. wake up’

John ‘I have seen in life.. many a time GOOD FOR NOTHING folks complete almost > 80 percent of work and then somewhere some heroes and heroines come and pad that with some frills and get acknowledged’

Sam ‘you realize that right’

John ‘yes’

Sam ‘why you cannot complete the remaining 20% then’

John ‘because my teachers never taught me things fully. blame this education system.. even after studies.. we need to go for extra coaching, join online.. every where money.. so am obviously good for nothing.. as i don’t have bucks too’

Sam ‘ok.. enough of melodrama.. let us go and watch the latest movie.. At least drive us to the theater’

John ‘yes uncle.. give me 100 bucks first’

Sam hands over 100 bucks

John ‘Uncle.. eating popcorn is bad for your health.. You should drink only plain water..  I will unfortunately have to eat the whole lot.. If you wish you can pay additional 50 bucks and we can go for a buffet dinner’

Sam ‘crazy boy.. start right away.. go and ask Aunty to dress up.. Sunday time.. Movie time.. Enjoy’

John ‘All movies too are good for nothing as you will loose 150 bucks soon’

Sam ‘return back.. now the money.. we will cancel going out’

John ‘Am kidding Uncle..  let us zoom past’

Who cares for a Smile?

Fernandez Madam, an old teacher looks at her students lovingly.. and says ‘I will tell you my story about how Smile can bring happiness as well as sorrows in one’s life’

Rose ‘Madam.. Sorrow?’

Fernandez remembers her husband Jose ‘Why did you smile? He is known to you?’

Jose slaps Fernandez on her face..

Rose ‘Madam.. tell me.. is infectious smile good or bad?’

Fernandez ‘Love and Smile go hands in hand.. I smiled the first time Lobo gave me a rose..’

Nancy ‘Lobo..?’

Fernandez ‘My college mate who was so crazy about my smile.. ‘

Rose ‘Madam.. you smile even now’

Fernandez ‘In life tears come naturally.. but we can put glycerin and bring in artificial ones too.. but a smile.. if it has to come.. it will come naturally.. forced smiles look forced smiles.. it never looks artificial..

Melissa ‘Madam.. do you feel any guy cares for a smile today?’

Fernandez pauses

Fernandez ‘these days people worry about materials, clothes, shoes.. and nice to have smile.. but a stern look is also welcome.. ‘

All begin giggling..

Fernandez ‘protect your smile.. capture it.. your lips and its curves.. god gave it to you.. This blog writer wishes all to be always smiling’

Rose ‘Madam.. a sad smile.. too at times creates wonders?’

Fernandez ‘Lobo returned back and he is waiting for me dear. I chose to be with him for few months.. My husband Jose is shocked.. but made my decision.. Finally the one who cares for my smile is the one I should be with’

All are silent

Fernandez ‘Girls… unfortunately in academics Smile is not a separate topic or subject.. So i decided to cover this in.. Hope you all don’t mind an occasional diversion’

Rose ‘of course Madam.. creativity in teaching needed.’

Red Attire

Miss Louisa was a beautiful looking girl who organizes a party for her friends with a condition ‘All need to wear red attire’

Mary looks beautiful in her red midi and Sarah looks ravishing in her red gown..

Susan loves gorgeous in her red perky top and Louisa is absolutely elegant in her red traditional Indian Sari

All look surprised..

Louisa introduces her boy friend Ravi

Ravi ‘hey folks.. the reasons she has asked to all Red Attire is because… my mom used to love red sari’s and she always had a dream to launch a boutique = designer dresses and so Louisa plans to launch that with my support.. i need all of you to come up with strategies for ‘SMART DRESSING IN us$50 only which will include dress, hair accessories, ear rings, nail polish, a tasteful perfume to suit the mood’

All look at Ravi in silence..

Louisa ‘Do you know the importance of Red.. It is deep. It is PASSION.  All lovers need to be passionate and look smart when they romance or date together.. So we are coming up with ‘Matching Pairs’

Susan ‘cheers.. now… my boy friend has blown over 50 kisses on Whatsup and gushes.. I indeed look beautiful in red’

Sarah ‘Hey my cartoonist friend Zafar has created an animation of a bull running behind a girl in red gown.. It is so funny.. look at it’

Mary ‘Am getting a modeling assignment as I just flashed this photo in Face book and have got over 500 likes’

Ravi ‘cheers now.. and let us enjoy the party’

Ex Present Future

Almenda is a beautiful model who loves excitement in her life.. She had 3 men in her life

Ex ‘Sam a model who had become unsuccessful soon so remained frustrated’

Present ‘Philip a Director who always craved for perfection’


She invites all of them for a party..

Almenda ‘Sam.. hope you are doing well’

Sam a bit sad smiles ‘it is ok’

Philip ‘It is strange,.. What you plan?’

Almenda ‘My future boy friend David wanted to meet you.. so thought of having common platform.. ‘

David ‘It is weird.. I didn’t ask for a common meeting’

Almenda ‘no..probs.. trash out everything right away’

David ‘Sam.. why you left her?’

Almenda ‘I left him dear.. didn’t i say to you’

Philip ‘I left she was different at home.. not in good clothes, plain Jane’

David ‘So didn’t you like that?’

Philip ‘No.. I don’t like disorganization’

Almenda ‘Sam.. did you manage to get any girl friend?’

Sam begins laughing and says ‘Search one for me’

David ‘What you all would like to have?’

Almenda ‘Sam loves Wine and Phillip loves Beer so….’

David ‘cool..’

As they sip….

David ‘Almenda.. I feel you need someone who will accept you for what you are’

Almenda ‘yes dear… so do you feel comfortable with me?’

David ‘personally even I don’t like disorganization and then find you still close to Sam’

Almenda ‘you jealous brute’

David gets a bit annoyed

Almenda ‘360 degree relation review my new business model for youngsters who have many boy friends or girl friends to choose from..  Am testing this on me and have couple of friends’

David is shocked

Sam ‘This is crazy.. asking Ex about opinions’

Philip ‘This is an excellent idea.. I am willing to invest’

Almenda ‘but you plan to leave me..’

Philip ‘just take bath every day.. it should be fine’

Almenda ‘It is time people wake up and rather then seeking hidden information from others, be transparent and who knows you will find your true love from them back again’

Philip ‘crazy stuffs.. PASSION makes anyone think anything’

Almenda ‘yes.. am at low ebb of my life, so decided to re-invent.. and see i got back you’

Philip ‘only if you take bath regularly’

Almenda ‘Cool.. PASSION is evolving a bathing model’

Philip ‘it is crazy… plain crazy’

Almenda ‘Ex present future.. cheers.. let us have one more peg’

Entrepreneur Prayer

We are a bundle of nerves who react and over react and act only when we reach a dead end of restlessness.

Why cannot we be bundle of joy who act and act whenever there is an opportunity to improve self?

Soothe self with a small prayer

“I will act and only act

I will focus with full zeal

I will not react immediately

I will remain happy and cheerful

God in me, please enlighten me

with Wisdom and Logic

to improve my common sense

Grow me always

A to Z reaches Animals

Ram is clear that his new business will need ‘No manpower, No material assets, No laptop, No gadgets and almost nothing’

All his friends get curious.. They keep asking Ram the Ace Scientist from NASA what exactly will be the business…

Ram ‘Will be teaching pet animals to write A to Z’

All burst out of laughing..

Ram ‘Why are you laughing? Don’t you see the huge opportunity’

Friend Robert ‘Ram.. I guess you are going nuts.. please show self to doctor’

Ram ‘And what if they learn?’

Robert ‘Will remember this blog for ever.. you got such crazy idea from PASSION FRAMEWORK right?’

Ram ‘US$10 per month tution fee.. It is Animal’ Right to Learn too’

Robert ‘All the best for your new business of educating animals’

Your Money My Money

Sam ‘your money is my money’

Jasmine ‘your money and my money together needed to run house’

Sam ‘No incorrect.  Your Money needed. My money is nill’

Jasmine ‘Stop it.. Your Money too vital.. start working’

Sam ‘Your money helps.. i can start a business’

Jasmine ‘Stop it.. my money will be lost’

Sam ‘your money will increase’

Jasmine ‘100’s of husbands live of their wives.. and 1000’s of boy friends live of their girl friends’

Sam ‘Is it not cool?’

Jasmine ‘Shut up else we have to separate out.. if you don’t work’

Sam ‘your friend Ria’s husband too is jobless. we are going to a movie today’

Jasmine ‘Ok.. thanks for information.. I have to rush to catch Metro.. please close doors before leaving’

In Metro Jasmine observes a sweet looking girl giving 10$ to her boy friend..

Jasmine smiles at her

Girl too smiles..

Jasmine whispers in her ear ‘don’t cultivate this habit.. Am still ruined’

Girl looks at her boy friend.. who is loving looking at her..

Girl ‘hey suddenly remembered i need that 10$ as am short of money’

Boy ‘cool.. and returns back the 10$’

Girl begins smiling at Jasmine again

Jasmine ‘friends.. ‘

Girl ‘yes.. ‘

Boy gets down at station and gives flying kiss to girl

Girl ‘take care dear.. ‘

After the train moves on.. both Jasmine and girl burst out laughing.

Jasmine ‘similarly i used to emotional fool and lost too much money on my various boy friends’

Girl ‘really. Actually he had given me that 10$ earlier and I returned back to him today.. but you whispered.. didn’t understand what you mumbled and..’

Jasmine ‘burst laughing

Jasmine ‘lucky girl.. he returned back 10 to you.. loves you truly’

Girl gets shy.and as train nears Queens. she gets down..

Jasmine retrospects ‘Am i the only fool or am plain unlucky to get good boy friend’