Startup Secrets



1) Think of a pain point problem which can be solved and has good potential

2) Think of a good name for your venture to initiate business and incorporate the company

3)  Begin identifying like minded co founders with similar interest

4) Begin identifying co founder who has very good experiences in the similar domain

5) Begin working on proof of concept by boot strapping the venture

6) Identify a few clients and pilot the projects at 0 cost /at actual or whatsoever

7) Fine tune your product

8) Take references and testimonials and begin seeking user experience for pricing the product

9) Competitor pricing too needs to be thought of

10) Make 2-3 more sales with commercial value (This time no free bee)

11) Sign AMC with your earlier clients

12) Having done that, you can now begin looking out for angel investors

(If you cannot make money out of business, the business model is not yet ready and investors will tend to shy away from you)

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