Bottom of Pyramid

At the bottom of pyramid I see a huge opportunity to change lives of millions..

Smiling face, hard realities, calamities galore, life of an individual worth US$2.5 a day.. A loaf of bread, a struggle to move up..  What am i doing, so literally coming out of PYRAMID and reach to bottom and what am i doing there

Environment causes

Health causes


Clean Energy

Who can change and disrupt their thinking but me.. and you

Love for freedom to do something of own.. Spirit of Entrepreneur, don’t worry of tomorrow as today you still have US$10 with you.. think of how it can multiply..

Is life at top too lonely? life at bottom is not lonely but full of fun as you are going to make impact.. I too am..

Let us innovate and think how to reach to millions of families and bring them to path of success

Social Entrepreneurship is all about reaching out to millions and not few. Opportunity lies only below not above as all foundations need the bottom to be strong.

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