Stolen Mangoes

Jas is a mischievous kid who loves Mangoes. His family is neighbor of Param’s family.

Param and Jas are 10 year kids both in same school. Param’s bungalow is surrounded by mango trees and his father Arvi is a big time mangoes business man..

One day Arvi see’s a ton of mangoes disappear from the godown..

He reaches home in tension and observes Jas has 2 mangoes with him..

Arvi ‘Jas.. did you disappear the mangoes’

Jas ‘No.. why should I?’

Param ‘Jas will not do that’

Arvi ‘I will interact with Jas’s father Sunny

Sunny ‘why will Jas do it… I can buy him mangoes too’

2 day latter

Sunny see’s huge number of mangoes hidden in his garden courtyard.. covered under Jute’

Sunny’ Jas… what is this??’

Jas ‘Me and Param decided to take around 10 boxes for this summer’

Sunny ‘you let me down’

Jas ‘am sorry.. but felt he has so many mangoes.. what difference it makes with 10 boxes’

Sunny meets Arvi

Sunny ‘Am sorry.. Arvi,  Param and Jas both kept the mangoes in our garden’

Arvi ‘but i lost nearly 100 boxes’

Sunny ‘Not sure who then?’

Jas ‘Actually we distributed those to around 100 families in the village’

Arvi is shocked

Sunny is about to hit  Jas

Param ‘Dad.. of 1 lac boxes, 110 boxes? do you still calculate profits on that?’

Arvi ‘So you will teach dad now.. who taught you all this?’

Param ‘In school they say at least do 1% good to others if you get 100% benefit from nature or business’

Arvi ‘So you will be a robin hood.. robbing rich and distributing to poor’

Param ‘Am sorry, Jas too.. just we wanted to check what is your reaction’

Arvi ‘Param… I too do benefit for society, donate to charity trusts and institutes’

Param ‘teacher says.. give the benefits directly to needy.. don’t use intermediaries or monitor them properly’

Sunny ‘From the time the school has started Social Responsibility Classes our kids mind set changing’

Param ‘OK.. i will give both the kids Mango Ice cream and let us have good dinner as the case is resolved’

All begin laughing.

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