KARMA returns

Kris ‘In our life, whatsoever we do has a bearing to our past’

Milan ‘you mean to say if we have broken relation it is because in past, we did something terribly wrong hence got separated out?’

Kris ‘sometimes unknowingly we separate people, we try to seek our own interests.. and then it returns back’

Milan ‘I didn’t split anyone in this life time?’

Kris ‘Karma is not about this life , any human’s previous life too’

Milan ‘I don’t believe in this’

Kris ‘you are an entrepreneur today.. contributing to society.. have 10 employees..

Milan ‘So?’

Kris ‘It is because it is pre-planned. Destiny plays an important role too’

Milan ‘It is tough to understand this philosophy. How many here agree destiny plays an important role?’

At the conference all are pin drop silent

Kris ‘Sometimes collectively we fail to argue, stand by our points or may be voice our opinions through tweets, facebook messages, likes and so on.. How many here agree that your will power can change your destiny’

Again all silent

Kris smiles at Milan

Kris ‘the difference between HAVING and NOT HAVING is only failure to ATTEMPT irrespective of constraints’

Kris ‘Push your soul, heart and mind to attempt what you dream about.. may be dream gets converted to reality’

Kris ‘KARMA returns are good if you attempt good task which contributes to self and others’

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