Retailing Guru

Mark is an expert in retailing. He has a challenge to reach a newly launched product to remotest of countries where there is inadequate electricity supply and poor infrastructure saddled with government issues..

CEO Frank ‘Mark. do you think our electronic battery backed TV penetrate in rural market’

Mark ‘cent percent.. Am connected to all county heads in areas where television is yet a dream’

Frank ‘So what is your strategy?’

Mark ‘make a product a habit of an individual.. they need to get used to it.. so will be having free open yard television put and shown to individuals.. Along with am distributing chocolates, potato chips, beer too free for first two show..

Frank ‘Who will bear the cost?’

Mark ‘the product manufacturers.. Am distributing at 20% margin’

Frank ‘How much I need to invest?’

Mark ‘Max around 100 TV sets’

Frank ‘Done.. so you will retain the profits for self’

Mark ‘No.. am salaried individual, so the margins will be the revenue to us or cost towards free TVs’

Frank ‘Impressive.. so once people get used to new launches of chocolates, chips, beer you have penetrated well.. and slowly folks will wish to enjoy at their own comfortable small houses so TV sales too will increase’

Mark ‘yes Sir.. Integrated marketing is the flavor for internationalization’

Frank ‘I agree. go ahead with your plans’

6 months latter,

Mark ‘Sir, all of the companies wish to appoint me as Chief Marketing Officer’

Frank ‘what was your response?’

Mark  ‘I said i can be shared by 6 companies.. each pay me US$70000 per annum.. Presently am getting US$120000.. should i say ‘yes’

Frank ponders

Frank ‘go ahead..and say yes.. I too save 50000’

Mark ‘Resource Management and Optimization, all startups need to realize this

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